Lighting Navigator emerged at the top of votes for the “Excellence in Technology”

Asensetek Is Gearing Up to Launch Lighting Navigator, and We Hope You’ll Be Among the First to Try Them Out!
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Lighting Navigator wins the Alighting Award as a “Top 10 Tech” product!

The Aladdin Lamp Award was launched in 2013 by the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and is now one of the lighting industry’s most prestigious awards. In addition to recognizing innovative products in the global lighting industry for eco-friendly designs and cutting-edge technologies, the Aladdin Lamp Award highlights feats of engineering that combine lighting technology and creative design and also commemorates outstanding individuals for their dedication to the continued development of the lighting industry

From April 5 to 15, 2018, a total of 100 skilled lighting professionals and 36 delegates of affiliated institutions from eight countries and regions around the world gathered to cast their votes for the winners of this year’s Aladdin Lamp Award. In total, the expert panel judged and voted on 905 juried items in four categories which passed the initial review (out of an initial 1,203 criteria). Based on a tally of the votes cast, the top 30 organizations in each category along with individuals for corresponding criteria were selected as recipients of this year’s Aladdin Lamp Award “Excellence Prize”.

After 11 exciting days of voting, Asensetek’s Lighting Navigator emerged at the top of the pack by receiving the highest number of votes for the “Excellence in Technology” prize from 29 judges in the expert panel, and on May 16, representatives from Asensetek proudly attended the 2018 Aladdin Lamp Awards Ceremony to formally receive the award certificate in person!

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